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Submit the below registration form to begin receiving your Dart invoices via email. Once you begin receiving emailed invoices, no more paper invoices will be mailed to you.

Dart email invoicing is available for current Dart direct-sale customers only.
Faxed receipt of Dart invoices is available for those that prefer it to email. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-248-5960 or email us at sales@dart.biz.


Benefits Of Dart E-Invoicing

Faster Receipt of Invoice
Invoices are emailed immediately upon creation, giving you earlier notification and an improved ability to take advantage of early payment discount terms.

Less Handling Required
No more handling or routing of incoming mailed invoices for you. Your invoice will arrive directly at your desktop.

Reduced Chance of Error
Less likelihood of misplacing paper invoices. An invoice copy will reside right on your computer.

Improved Communication
Easier for you to contact Dart with any questions you may have about your invoice.

More Environmentally Conscious
Less paper is generated

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