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Are you searching for insulated foam hinged lid containers? You’re not alone! Our industry is currently facing supply pressure on this product type due to COVID-19 creating a large spike in demand for safe and sanitary food packaging.

Additionally, your business may be located in an area with legislative restrictions or strong consumer preferences. Although nothing compares to foam for insulation and affordability, we offer many other material types to meet your food packaging needs.

We’re here to help! The following product lines are tried-and-true alternatives to foam hinged lid containers. Browse by product family or find alternative product recommendations for our most popular sizes below.


Depending on your priorities, we recommend these product lines as close substitutes for foam hinged lid containers.

Bare® by Solo®

hinged lid containers

Made with at least 96% renewable resources and commercially compostable‡, these containers can hold hot or cold food and are microwavable†.

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Creative Carryouts®

OctaView® Containers

Beyond the upscale appearance, these containers have a leak-guard perimeter seal and are stackable, making it easy to enjoy a meal on the go.  

• Hot/Cold Foods
• Hinged Lid
• 1 or 3 Compartments
• *Reheatable
• Microwavable

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PETE #1PM #6

Proplanetby Dart®

hinged lid containers

Made with up to 40% natural mineral content*, these cut-resistant and non-absorbent containers hold hot or cold food and are microwavable†.

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Hinged Lid Containers

Great for displaying your food and driving impulse sales! These are an economical replacement for foam and are available in recyclable PETE.

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hinged lid containers

These containers are an economical alternative to foam. They feature an unbeatable leak-resistant seal and are made of recyclable PETE.

• Cold Foods
• Hinged Lid
• 1 or 3 Compartments

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* Made with up to 40% natural mineral content that reduces the amount of total plastic being used to manufacture each container and meets sustainability goals.

†Microwave to recommended product temperature. Be sure to read individual product descriptions to ensure proper product usage.

‡Compostable in a commercial compost facility which may not exist in your community. Not suitable for backyard composting. Meets the ASTM Standard D6868 for compostability.


To guide you through selecting an alternative to foam containers, we’ve identified our most popular foam hinged lid container sizes and provided suggestions.

Looking for 9”, Three-compartment containers?

Try these 90HT3R replacements....

Looking for 9”, One-compartment containers?

Try these 90HT1R replacements....

Looking for 8.5”, Three-compartment containers?

Try these 85HT3R replacements....

Looking for 8.5”, One-compartment containers?

Try these 85HT1R replacements....

Looking for 6" one-compartment containers?

Try these 60HT1 replacements....

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