Environmental Leadership

As we give people the freedom to enjoy their food and drinks anywhere, we also accept our responsibility for the environmental effects of that freedom. We take leadership and we take action on initiatives that reduce or eliminate the impact our products have on our neighborhoods, our towns, and our planet.



Our multi-faceted approach to sustainability at Dart includes:


  • Optimizing material use and production processes

  • Defining the environmental attributes of each of Dart’s products

  • Researching and developing new materials, products, and technologies that reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint

  • Promoting recycling through the use of recycled content

  • Utilizing renewable resources

How Dart Commits to Sustainability

Dart is an industry leader in emissions reduction and source reduction efforts without sacrificing the quality our customers expect. We consistently review each aspect of our business to uncover more ways to further reduce our energy consumption, air emissions, and solid wastes.

Some of our conservation initiatives across our different locations include:

Reducing electrical

Reducing electrical usage through programmable controls and lower-wattage LED lighting

Eliminating an energy-intensive step

Eliminating an energy-intensive step in producing one of Dart’s fastest-growing and most popular cup lid lines

Reducing Materials

Reducing the number of materials used in product packaging (including corrugated cartons and plastic films), and repeated use of pallets, cartons, and bulk bags used to ship raw materials

Recycling & Trimming

Recycling manufacturing scrap and trim scrap from extrusion and thermoforming operations, tires and batteries used in Dart vehicles, and metal from Dart’s machinery manufacturing plant

Avoiding Solvent

Avoiding solvent emissions by choosing inks curable by ultraviolet light


Recovering heat from the cup-making process to warm Dart buildings

Reducing Pentane

Reducing pentane emissions by recapturing the gas for use in production processes

Reducing Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by using landfill gas to run boilers and ovens at Dart’s largest manufacturing facility and investigating ways to use landfill gas more extensively as an energy source


Offering free, public drop-off locations for post-consumer polystyrene at most North American Dart plants


Aggressively researching the use of post-consumer recycled content, feedstocks, and biopolymers as raw materials for many Dart products

Dart’s sustainability strategies focus on creating the least amount of waste, impact, and expense. Our efficiency initiatives have already led to remarkable achievements in product stewardship and minimizing our carbon footprint.

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